All About Power Reserve Mode in iOS 14

iOS 14 was launched at its WWDC 2020 special event. This updated version has been released with a lot of amazing advanced features. Now, it’s been a month after its release, and its public beta version is available to use for all the users without any charges. It is working pretty well, providing a wonderful experience to its users. If you haven’t upgraded your device’s software with its beta version, then you can do it with much ease. Now, speaking of the features of this updated version, it has added some unique features on its platform that includes updated widgets, new messages, app library, translator, app clips, and much more. Well, among all these features, there is one outstanding feature that comes with this upgraded version of the operating system, and that is none other than its power reserve mode.

I am assuming that most of the users have probably upgraded their devices to the updated version of iOS now. Have you checked out its fantastic function of power reserve mode yet? Want to know more about this? If yes, then you are in luck. Here, in our following article, we are going to provide you with all the information related to this advanced feature. Please go through the complete article to have a full description of the function.

What is Power Reserve Mode Added in iOS 14?

Apple first introduced this functionality in the iOS 12 operating system. At that time, the feature somehow didn’t work well. Or it wasn’t useful for a lot of users. But, this time, this feature is receiving enough limelight. This is a specialized functionality included in the iOS 14 that enables you to run a few functionalities even when your device ran out of power. It is an important feature that this company has designed keeping in mind certain emergency situations. This way, this feature has provided you with the ability to use your iPhone to perform essential functions even when your iPhone or iPad is switched off. This function goes on for up to 5 hours after your device runs out of battery.

Why is Power Reserve Mode Important?

Apple has introduced this feature because it understands the emergency situations that we use to face in our everyday life. Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of our time on our devices that, sometimes, in the emergencies when we need our devices the most, we find them dead. Like when you are stuck in someplace, and you need to book a cab, but your iPhone is dead. So, what to do in that situation? Or you have to attend any class, and you forgot your ID pass. Well, these are the situations when this feature becomes so important and useful for all of us. In addition to that, now you don’t need anything as long as you have your iPhone with you.

Apart from the functionality of reserve power mode, it has included a “Car Key” feature as well through which you can unlock your car with your iPhone. Isn’t it just wonderful? These features of iOS 14 have provided us with more flexible accessibility.

How Does this Feature of Power Reserve Mode Works?

The feature of power reserve mode in iOS 14 works in a bit different way. It includes the “Express Card” feature within itself that enables the users to use their cards in the Apple Wallet even if your iPhone runs out of battery. This doesn’t require any face recognition or touch ID. You just have to tap on the NFC payment link to allow the transaction of any amount. Similarly, if you want to unlock your car with your iPhone, you have to tap on the screen of your iPhone.

So, this was all about the new Power Reserve functionality of Apple’s operating system iOS 14. This update has given a different edge to your iOS devices. This updated version of iOS will provide you with a fantastic experience and will change the way you use your iPhone. We hope this article will clear your doubts. And for more details and information like this, please stay connected with us and visit our website.

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