Best Food Apps in 2020

One can never find a better way than having a delicious meal to make yourself feel happy and relaxed. There are plenty of food apps out there that can help you to find the best restaurants and food so that you can feel the real joy of having food.

But it isn’t easy for a person to choose the right application for him from the vast list of food apps. But we are here for you! We have written down some of the best food apps available on the internet for all the epicures out there. Let’s have a look!

Trip Advisor

If you want to read about the restaurant and its food before actually visiting it, then this is going to be the best app for you. This app shows you the list of restaurants and their ranking by location; it gives you information and the location of all the highly-rated restaurants. It is really a fantastic app, and you should have it on your smartphone.

Open Table

You can use Open Table to make a reservation at your favorite restaurants by using your phone. You can also get cash back, and points and the points you accumulate can be redeemed for coupons and cashback.


It is not an app for the food suggestions but for making money. If you eat food outside mostly and use your debit card for the payment, then this app is essential for you because every time you buy food, this app invests some amount for you. Suppose if you purchase a meal that costs $5.30, then Acorns will invest approximately $0.7 for you. It’s is a fantastic way to make money just to have food outside.


If you want to get excellent restaurants and food recommendation, I will recommend you to install this application on your phone. This app gives you the recommendation of the best restaurants and shows you their direction, reviews, and photos as well.

Chef Feed

If you want to have meals recommended by some of the top chefs of your country, then download this app right now. This app shows you the most delicious dishes of restaurants in your area recommended by the best chefs in the country.


Grubhub allows you to order your favorite food and get it delivered at your home by swiping your fingers. Try this app to have outside meals at your home.

Fork It by Kitchenbowl

Fork It is a fantastic application for the person who wants to eat homemade food. This is a very specially designed app that helps you cook delicious food by turning the cooking into a game. You can also join daily cooking challenges with your friends using this app. Fork It is an amazing app to develop a healthy habit of making and having food at home.


Yelp provides you with reviews of various restaurants, so before you visit a new restaurant, it is better if you check its review on Yelp.


This app allows you to add yourself to the waiting list of a restaurant so that you won’t need to wait in the line for your table. And once your table is ready, this app will give you a notification by sending a text on your mobile phone.

These are some food apps we had for all the food lovers, install the app of your choice, and enjoy eating. Thank you!

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