There are various video calling apps available in this situation when work from home module has been accepted to perform various office, and business works via meeting with colleagues and clients. If you are a Zoom subscriber and worried about your physical appearance on the app, then you need not worry as we have compiled this article for you.

Here we are going to guide you on how to look good while using video calling on Zoom applications as there are several professional or even personal interactions taking place on this platform.

Pursue these guidelines to know better how you can manage various stuff to make your appearance appealing and professional:

Using Better Lighting System

Raising the Camera

Note: It is recommended to use a separate keyboard and mouse even if you are working on a laptop as these things may increase the productivity of your task.

Looking at the Camera

Checking the Internet Connection

Here we are providing some basic information about Zoom video calls. These are the minimum requirements for calling at Zoom:

  1. In case of group calls, 2.5 Mbps up or down speed is needed for receiving 1080p HD video. If you want to send 1080p HD video, then you will require at least 3.0 Mbps up and down the internet speed.
  2. If you are performing one on one calls, then 1.8 Mbps of data for up and down is needed to receive and send the HD video of 1080 p.

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