How to Unlock Mask of Baphomet Achievement in Civilization 6

There are quite a few video games interesting in the market, and Firaxis Games, Civilization 6, is one of them. The game was released in November 2019, and it is still very popular. Besides, the game has recently received a new expansion pack, which is known as the Ethiopia pack. Through this expansion pack, several new kinds of stuff have been added to Civilization 6. The most prominent inclusion among them is the arrival of four new secret societies alongside various wealthy achievements.

Meanwhile, gamers throughout the world are willing to obtain the Mask of Baphomet achievement. Thus, in this article, we will brief the gamers about ways to unlock Baphomet achievement in Civilization 6. Below we have provided a proper workaround through which players can easily unlock the Mask of Baphomet in Civilization 6.

How to Unlock Mask of Baphomet Achievement

First, players need to know that four new wealthy achievements have arrived through the Ethiopia pack. Each of these achievements is linked to newly-arrived secret societies. The Mask of Baphomet achievement is related to the Owls of Minerva’s secret society. Thus, gamers need to initiate this process by going to the secret society mode in their game. After that, they need to choose the Owls of Minerva option. Furthermore, there are several things that players need to unlock to attain Mask of Baphomet achievement. Alongside, players need to obtain all the governor promotions available in Owls of Minerva to unlock the Mask of Baphomet. Below we have briefed the steps to do it:

  • Once gamers have selected the option of Owls of Minerva from secret society mode, then they need to wait for the invitation.
  • There is an 80% chance that gamers will receive an invitation. Once players receive it, then they need to access the menu for the Governor.
  • For the remaining 20%, we advise players to try again selecting the Owls of Minerva option.
  • Subsequently, gamers now require to unlock Governor titles through Civics Tree.
  • After that, players need to upgrade them.
  • Once all the four upgrades have been done, then the Mask of Baphomet will be unlocked automatically.


Everybody knows that it is quite hard to play Civilization 6. It requires a lot of experience to even survive in this game. Thus, it will be quite tricky for the players to unlock the Mask of Baphomet achievement. However, a proper guide like the one we have provided in this article can help gamers accomplish Mask of Baphomet achievement with ease.

Civilization 6 can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One and NintendoSwitch.

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