How to Use Touch ID on an iPhone or iPad?

When it comes to the iPhone and iPad, you might be familiar with the Face ID encryption system, but nothing can beat the good old Touch ID. Some of the latest editions of iOS devices don’t use Touch ID, but devices like iPad Air, 2nd gen iPhone SE have this feature to provide quick accessibility with privacy mechanisms.

Here is how to use Touch ID on your iOS devices:

How Can You Set up Touch ID on iOS Devices?

Here are the guidelines to follow for setting up Touch ID on your iOS devices:

  • Open the Settings page on your device by tapping the gear-shaped icon.
  • Hit the option Touch ID and Passcode.
  • Enter the password for verification, if asked.  In case you haven’t created the same, then generate it instantly.
  • Hit the option “Add a Fingerprint.”
  • Now, put your finger on the Home tab for the registration process. Keep the finger there until you feel a slight vibration or buzz. In case you are using the 2020 iPad Air, then place the finger on the Power button.
  • Next, release the finger and place it back down. Repeat the process if required.
  • Hit the Continue tab and wait for the alert message that you have successfully finished your first step.
  • Place all the edges of your finger to register your Fingerprint properly. Make sure that you have registered all the required areas of your finger.
  • At last, tap the Continue button there.

Note: Repeat the same procedure for registering every additional finger you like. You can add up to five fingers back to back.

How Can You Identify a Touch ID Fingerprint?

Here are the straightforward guidelines to identify a Touch ID fingerprint:

  • At the start, open the Settings app.
  • Then, hit the option Touch ID and Password.
  • Now, enter your password when needed.
  • Scroll down the page and then locate the section Fingerprints.
  • Now, put the registered finger on the Home or the Power tab.
  • See the label color that will change from white to grey.

How Can You Label a Touch ID Fingerprint?

Pursue these steps to label your Touch ID fingerprint:

  • Initially, open the Settings page on your device.
  • After that, hit the Touch ID and Password option.
  • Enter your password if asked.
  • Hit the finger you desire to remove.
  • Now, provide a new and easily recognizable name to your Fingerprint.
  • Hit the option Passcode and Touch ID section located at the upper-right edge to return back.

How Can You Toggle Off Touch ID for Your Apple Pay, Lock Screen, iTunes, and App Store?

Follow these steps to switch off Touch ID for your Lock Screen, Apple Pay or iTunes, etc.:

  • Get started; open the Settings page on your screen.
  • Then, hit the section Touch ID and Passcode.
  • Now, type the password if asked.
  • Next, toggle the iTunes and App Store, iPad/iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, Password Autofill to Off.

How Can You Remove Your Touch ID Fingerprint?

Below are the guidelines to follow to delete your Touch ID Fingerprint on an iOS device:

  • First and foremost, open the Settings app on the Touch ID enabled device.
  • Then, press the tab, “Touch ID and Password.”
  • After that, enter the password if asked.
  • Click the finger you like to delete.
  • Tap the option Delete Fingerprint.
  • Choose the Touch ID and Passcode option.

In today’s world, privacy is one of the most important things for every security-concerned user. If you want to secure your device, you have various options like Face ID, Touch ID, and more.

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