Latest Bloodstained Update Adds More Customization Options and Battles

Those who are playing and enjoying the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will have plenty of great things this year. The sequel Curse of the Moon is still under development, but Inti Creates is providing fans with a lot of things to do in the Bloodstained: Ritual in the Night. From the newest update of Bloodstained: Ritual in the Night, there are some new things added in Metroidvania, along with the Boss Revenge Mode. Although Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is doing well in terms of sales of the game, and now they are looking forward to providing a wide range of updates. 

The former will look at the players taking over on one of the deadliest bosses of the campaign. Preference of Bloodless, Andrealphus, Gremory and Bathin are ready to get selected. Every boss in the game will have its own unique playstyle and abilities. That’s how every boss is different from other bosses. You will be required to choose your favourite one, and then you have to go against the heroes Dominique, Miriam and Zangetsu. All this will happen in the series of battles.

Battles will be epic, and every battle will be held in its dedicated area while doing all that you will be sent to the transition room for next challenge preparation. Following all these sights, Bloodstained will clearly look like a fighting game.

Personal Flair

Another thing is the Chroma Wheel addition that will provide players with a lot of additional customization choices. Killer Barber Todd also improved his skills and also all set to use his new stylized skills. Colour section into the game is only limited to a particular small area. 

Players are allowed to make changes with their hairs or just the colour part of the hairs. It can also be adjusted to match with the colour of outfit, skin, sub outfit colour, and also eyes. In the future update, players will get lip colour as well. 

Developers have managed to make some changes into the unlocked Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night with the new update. The fresh players will now see a lot of unlocked modes even from the beginning of the game. The following modes, Boss Revenge Mode, Speedrun Mode, Zangetsu and Randomizer Mode, are included.

The following updated things are already living into the game, so start playing, but there are some issues in the game that you will face. Inti Creates investigating the issues like pause screen and crashing from Arvantvillle in Bloodstained. However, you can report the issues if you see one in the game. When developers receive a report request for any particular thing, they will solve the issue by providing the new update.

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