Mean Girls is a teen comedy movie, directed by Mark Waters that was released in 2004, but it still sparks the interest of the viewers as it was capable of capturing the reality of sophomore year of the school. It captures not only the bullying experience of the kids but also the gender oppression and anxiety that embarks from toxic culture. The story revolves around Cady Heron and The Plastics, a group of A-list girls at her new school. Cady falls in love with Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of Regina George. The whole story keeps spiraling around to bring the best and worst sides of Cady. By the end of the movie, everything returns to peace. Now let us look at some of the characters of the film (ranked).

Ms. Norbury

She is a divorced Maths teacher who is reputed as a drug dealer in Regina’s ‘Burn Book.’ She was the one who encouraged Cady to join the Mathletes, and she sometimes acted as Cady’s conscience. When the school was falling apart, she took charge to make everyone realize and apologize for their mistakes in the assembly of junior girls. She helps to rekindle the friendships between everyone. She turned out to be a blessing for everyone, especially Cady.

Damian Leigh

He is one of the most independent and interesting characters of North Shore High School. He befriends Cady Heron on her second day of school and like a good friend he teaches her about school’s cliques and warns her to avoid The Plastic, especially the queen bee, Regina George. He also has a co-dependent friendship with Janis Ian. Like everyone, he also despises Regina, but still has an admiration of the aura that the group projects. Overall, he has a sweet character like no one else.

Cady Heron

She is the main character in the movie. A 12-year old who has spent most of her life getting homeschooled because of her parents’ scientific research in Africa. Despite being smart and hard-working, she is dealing with her anxieties and insecurities. When she was beginning her friendship with The Plastics, she seemed to enjoy attention from her peers. She later changes herself to take revenge from Regina, but realizes her mistakes and goes back to her originality.

Gretchen Wieners

She is one of the members of The Plastics group. She is rich and the heiress of the dubious ‘Toaster Strudel’ fortune, and has a lot of secrets. She looks like Regina’s second in command and often acts as her representative. She feels delighted and empowered to know Regina’s secrets, but she eventually uses those secrets to get back at her. For her, being a member of The Plastics group is like an achievement, she revealed to Cady. Initially, she is unaware of her behavior and couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong. Soon she realizes her mistakes and vanity of The Plastics, which leads her to join the ‘cool Asians’ clique.

Regina George

She is like a living Barbie doll blonde, wealthy, beautiful, bold, and carefree, as described by Cady. She is the leader of The Plastics that exclusively consists of Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners. She defends Cady against her sexist classmate and invites her to sit with her group members at lunch. She is spiteful, mean, and cruel as she tries to steal Aaron Samuels from Cady at a Halloween party. Her cruelty knows no bounds, and by the end of the movie, she gets hit by the bus that breaks her spine. She also joins the lacrosse team to channel her anger, when The Plastics clique falls apart.

Karen Smith

She is the beauty without brains character and the third member of The Plastics. She is a soft target and easy to manipulate as Cady does at the end of the movie for her ‘three-way calling attack’ to take down the plastics. Her self-esteem issues make her believe that she has no capabilities or skills. The portrayal of the dim wit character doesn’t allow her to understand even the basic matters being discussed in the film. By the end of the movie, when The Plastics fall apart, she becomes the new weather reporter of school.

Janis Ian

She was the one who Cady in the way of the toxic Plastics’ clique. Cady believed her like a friend, but she in return used Cady to know deep secrets of The Plastics’ group. She had all the chances to save Cady from the vengeful sight of Regina, but she kept watching the show to know what’s inside the ‘Burn Book’ written by Regina, Gretchen, and Karen. Her behavior can be justified with the history she shares with Regina.

These characters are ranked from the best to worst. Many other characters can also be added to this list, but these were the ones that caught most of the viewer’s attention.

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