As per the unusual recent condition during this outbreak of COVID-19, most countries across the world have announced a complete lockdown for the entire nation. Schools, colleges, and all the other institutions have been closed. As social distancing is the only way to protect ourselves and the community from coronavirus. In this situation, many companies are asking their employees to work from home. This might help in slowing down the spread of novel coronavirus. Many leading companies have instructed their employees to work from home. Remote working has now become a necessity for all modern organizations.  

As many are doing their official work at their home systems, it has now become more important for all of us to take all the cyber safety and security measures a bit more seriously.

Here we will provide you some tips on cybersecurity by which everyone can work safely and securely without any threats.

Provide Basic Security Knowledge to Each Employee  

The security and safety of your company and its employees should always be a priority for everyone. You can’t take any risks that might cost you or your company. So, basic security knowledge should be provided to them by their owners like to avoid using a public internet connection and use their own wifi and make sure that their internet router is sufficiently protected, and to verify the security of the devices that the employees are using to get their work done. All this knowledge is important for all the employees of the company in order to avoid any issues. If any issue of security arises, people should know with whom they can connect in such a situation.   

Use Secured Devices

While working remotely make sure to use secured devices to get your work done. Ensure to install the up-to-date security protection in the device that you are using for your work. Avoid using unsecured public wifi networks as they are the major spots where malicious parties spy on the internet and they can collect your confidential information and can use it against you. You should not use your personal devices and networks for your official works as it can cause a serious threat to you and your company.

Use a VPN

VPN has a major role to play towards the security of you and your company’s data. It improves your online privacy so that no one can look into our personal stuff. It encodes all of your internet traffic and makes it unreadable for anyone who tries to snatch it. Using a VPN protects you from snoopers or hackers and keeps your data protected. So, using a VPN is the most important step that everyone must take to protect their company’s confidential data.

Installation of Antivirus Software

The installation of antivirus software is a step that must be taken by all of us. Whether you are working on your home computer or office systems antivirus is important for all of us to protect your data from malware infection. The consequences of malware infections can be worse. From losing access to your data to facing the threat of identity theft, it can cost you worse. Antivirus software keeps your data protected stored in your devices from malware. You must upgrade your software regularly in order to be informed about the latest threat that can hit you. 

Use Different Passwords

If you have the same password for all your accounts, then it is not very safe. In such cases, if the login credentials of any one of your accounts get compromised, then it will put your other accounts at risk as well. Make sure your passwords are long, strong, and unique. Everyone must follow these tips in order to avoid any cyber threats that may cost them hugely.

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